Recognizing the radiance within each individual as being unique and sacred, her message is transcendence and empowerment.

The Reverend Arlene Phelan Ph.D., brings depth as an internationally recognized Shamanic Healer and Teacher of ancient Hawaiian Healing Arts for more than 20 years.

A widely respected spiritual teacher, counselor and elder for over 30 years, she lovingly channels the essence of the Holy Spirit, Mystical knowledge and connection of Ancient energies of Lemuria and of Hawaiian I’O and Uli into sacred movement, energetic healing touch and through the spoken word.

Arlene is a Kupua Practitioner, embracing the abilities and properties of the shape-shifter of the ancient and modern blending as an Ordained Minister and Healer Practitioner, as well as in the corporate world using shamanic modalities.


Arlene says,

     ” In Sedona, I am called Grandmother Wisdom Keeper. This perhaps could be reasoned that having been in spiritual service since the age of 15, that I convey wisdom. This may be the case since I seek the ways of wisdom throughout my life (bumped my head a few hundred times) and therefore call forth from the intelligent wisdom from within to prevail today.  

     The deeper significance is in that seeking a deeper connection with the Divine connects the intelligence with my heart and produces loving action (Pono – Right Action).  

     Therefore when we are connected to our source… to the very essence of who we are… we are connected to our own wisdom that carries the empowerment to live love within our own mind and share it and activate it with people with whom we interact.”


Having trained in Hawaii by various Kahuna, Arlene continues to expand the ancient healing modalities. Her first physical training in Huna, Kino Mana and Kahuna Healing is with Aloha International. She is listed as a Huna Practitioner, Teacher, Counselor, and Therapist.  She honors both Dr. Serge Kahili King and Susan Pa’iniu Floyd for opening the doors to the ancient teaching of the way of Aloha.



Reverend Arlene Phelan Ph.D., is a Healer, Reiki Master, Teacher and Spiritual Channel who works through the Holy Spirit, guides and teachers to bring insight and transformation to people in need.

Arlene has been an ordained minister for over 25 years in the Universal Church of the Master (UCM).   Sponsored in the ministry by the Reverend John Harrison in 1983, and cultivated by pastor the Reverend Lavon Devine, at UCM headquarters in San Leandro, California; they were catalysts in her unfolding mediumship and giving messages and healing in public church service.

Reverend Phelan was elected as a Trustee on the UCM Church Board in 1985.  She served as Secretary and Treasurer under the leadership of the Reverends Birdie Peterson and Dr. Lavona Stillman.

Inspired by the work of the Reverends Carol Parish-Herra and Dr. June Bletzer in 1987, she created the Dynamics of Ministry series (five workbooks designed to be used in ministerial preparation, development and support), materials used in the educational program for ordination preparation and receiving credentials.

Her second board service as a Trustee for UCM began again in 2002 and extended through the 100th year Centennial in 2008.


Appointed Director of Ministerial Programs in 2007 by UCM president, the Reverend Sandy Clark, she worked to enhance and strengthen the UCM mission to cultivate a Spirit led ministerial development and support system within the nearly 100-year old tradition set forth in standards for the Sponsoring Ministerial Program.

Co-coordinating the UCM Ministerial Program, Reverend Phelan revitalized and implemented the honored traditions in keeping with what this universal, liberal, and modern day Church was founded upon to teach, which not only prepares candidates for credentialing, but supports them as well after ordination to conduct an effective ministry.


Reverend Phelan served as Vice President and on the Supreme council of the Federation of Spiritualist Churches and Associations, Inc, (FSCA) for 8 years. She promoted Spiritualism in the USA and abroad.


Reverend Phelan organized the Summit meeting of Spiritualist leaders August 16, 1989, which included:

  • Reverend Dr. Fred Jordan, Jr. president of the IGAS International General Assembly of Spiritualists (The Christian Spiritualist Organization),
  • Reverend Harry M. Hilborn president of the Independent Christian Spiritualist Association,
  • Reverend Birdie Peterson president of the Universal Church of the Master (UCM),
  • Reverend Marion Young representative of the National Interracial Spiritual Association,
  • Reverend F. Reed Brown, president of the Spiritual Churches of Science and Revelation Association, and
  • Reverend Joseph M. Merrill of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches of USA (NSAC)

The Summit was moderated by the Rt. Reverend Charles Reuben, LHD president of FSCA.


Reverend Phelan began her healing and mediumship ministry as a member of the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church in San Francisco under the guidance of the pastor Reverend Haddock and wonderful mediums and healers there.  She served as a healer in the Golden Gate Spiritualist Church and an occasional speaker.

Her healing ministry extended to various California churches including the Church of the Brotherhood Hayward, and led into service in the UCM San Leandro Church under the pastorate of Reverend Lavon Devine.

She established a healing and teaching ministry in founding and pastoring the Light of Emmanuel Church, Hayward, California in 1984. Rev. Phelan had offices at the Sedona Center for the New Age until August of 2013. Dr. Phelan now teaches classes and holds workshops in Cottonwood, Arizona.


Arlene was elected as Secretary of the NSAC California State Association of the National Spiritualist Church for two years and served under the president Reverend Barbara Thurman.


Arlene currently serves in the Light of Love Ministries, Cottonwood, Arizona holding sessions in her home office.  She began affiliation with Aligning Light Center, 2370 West State 89A, Suite 3, Sedona Arizona 86336 in 2013.  Appointments 801-787-6876. She endorses and promotes the vision and mission of Crystal Starr Weaver who can be reached at  http://www.aligninglight.com/contact/


Reverend Arlene graduated from the Stillman Institute of Hypnotherapy, San Jose, California. Course work list:

  • Beginning Hypnosis
  • Intermediate Hypnosis,
  • Master Course of Hypnosis
  • Advanced Hypnosis
  • Regression Therapy


  • Hypnotist
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Hypnosis Counselor
  • Hypnosis Teacher

– American Council of Hypnosis Examiners – Certificate of Achievement
 in 1987 and uses the skills in her ministerial services.

Having practiced hypnosis in her over 30 years ministry and continued research and education, Reverend Phelan wrote her Masters degree thesis on Hypnosis in Religion. She continues in the field of Hypnosis. Reverend Phelan obtained her doctor degree in Metaphysical Counseling in 2013.


Having created materials for ministerial preparation, development and support, she continues to sponsor, mentor and teach how to step more powerfully in to the sensitivity to hear the Spiritual call, be empowered, activate it into life and take steps to create a viable service to express all that you are and are called to be.


Reverend Arlene founded Light of Emmanuel UCM, Hayward, California in 1984.

Dr. Phelan pastured and is one of the founders of Light of Love Ministries in Sedona, Arizona UCM Charter # 821 by the Universal Church of the Master. Light of Love UCM #821.

She now conducts a personal ministry of Light of Love, P.O. Box 424, Sedona, AZ 86339 – Phone 928 202-6133


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President of the HFTP (Hospitality Financial Technology Professional) 1984 – 1985, Arlene Phelan was Chair of the Board in 1985-86 and served in various elected positions on the international board for 8 years. She specialized in Membership and Chapter development, training of leaders and their support.

Her leadership bridged the group known as the International Association of Hospitality Accountants (IAHA) and she was instrumental in developing it into the professional organization known today as HFTP (Hospitality Financial and Technology Managers). Through her leadership in AH&MA, she was listed in the “AH&MA Who’s Who in America” in 1983-84.


During this period of time she joined with Larry Chevenak and Rene Morato to organize the 1st International Hospitality Technology Conference that combined the Technology Professionals and Financial Managers with hands on exploration in exhibits of the latest technology and innovated hospitality systems available. This evolved into the dynamic HITEC Conference and Trade Shows, which are still held successfully in the United States and Internationally.

Note: Arlene credits Ken Jarvis of Canada, past president of IAHA for organizing the first International Hospitality Accountants Computer User’s Conference in Dallas, Texas. Attended by 30 Hotel pioneers who were implementing the use of computers in their hotels. It inspired forming the conference that provide Financial Managers with hands on exploration at exhibits of the latest technology and innovative hospitality systems.


Phelan’s International influence and leadership began in 1972 at the local level building the South Florida chapter to more than 150 members. Arlene held elected offices for more than 5 years, which include President, Chair of the Board, 1st and 2nd Vice President and Secretary. She also wrote and published the newsletter Over and Short, following the lead of creator Rene Morato.

On the West coast of USA, she served five years in San Francisco as President, various Board service and organized the Computer Technology  Conference (now HITEC) in the early 80’s.

Dr. Phelan says,

     “It was a great joy to serve in creating the outstanding professional association that provides for the exchange of information and cultivates relationships with people all over the world.  I am grateful for meeting so many wonderful people world-wide and the opportunity to form friendships in the hospitality industry.”


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One of Phelan’s fondest memories is that of meeting His Excellency Sir Gerald Cash of the Bahamas in 1985.

As a part of developing a new chapter there, Sir Gerald graciously invited us to tea, spent time discussing his support and ways to develop our organization. As Governor-General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, he was one of the first international leaders to so publicly welcome, honor and support the local chapter of HFTP, as well as the international hospitality organization founded in the United States.”


Reverend Arlene says,

     “Expressing to you the diversity of my ministry, whether it be in the private sector or the corporate arena, is not nearly as important as acknowledging that all of life is spiritual… there is no separation for spiritual or corporate service; it is all divine service.

     … And, it is not as important to talk about it as it is to just live it, wherever we are… this indeed is the calling; this is the service that makes a difference.  As we extend our hand to others, blending the intelligence of our minds with the love in our hearts, to create our common goals.”

Today, we are being called into a greater service of being love and acting in loving service.  Let us join hands in the energy of the Holy Spirit to be all that we can be and to support one another on the grid of higher consciousness.


Arlene says,

     “My focus is upon: Who I am, why I came to live on earth, and my mission. The power I bring to each project is in direct correlation to how much I am in touch with my own inner intelligence and the path I have chosen to walk.

     Each day, being Love within my own mind… what I say to myself and what I bring to you, determines my loving service; by exploring ways in which to express in it, I seek the passion and excitement that is an alive and viable venue for love in right action…

Nana Veary wrote,

“Change We Must.”  I share this belief. I continue to break away from old ideas and practices that stunt our growth as spiritually advancing humans. I share love from Divine Source to activate the value and legacy of the ancient Hawaiian connecting of La’akea (God Light) and to generate blessing in a new vision and mission of Divine Oneness.”

      It is our choice to create and share this blessing every day. This I share with you through the Hawaiian blessing of E Aloha Mana Pono:

“The Blessings of Love, 

Empowerment and Abundant Good.

This is Love in Action”

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