Expanding Consciousness Classes –

  • Personal Growth
  • Developing Healing Skills
  •  Activating the Power Within Yourself in all Life’s Phases.  

Our mission is to be filled with the Light of Love. Classes are a way of connecting attuning, and learning to Live in the Light of Love, gaining the power to be all that we can be.  

It brings joy. healing and the ability to be Love and Light, as well as manifest our Life’s Purpose!

 Join us in CRP  –

Consciousness Raising Partnership

For Information Contact:

Arlene  928 202-6133 or Ron 928 300-0963

Free Lecture

October 21, 2012 – 11:00am – Noon

       Dream Master

       Rev. Arlene Phelan

Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa
90 Ridge Trail Drive
Sedona, AZ 86351

Dream Talk

– Start the day with dream talk with Dream Master Arlene, a fun and inspiring way to expand your psychic skills and “Jump Start” your day.

Arlene actively uses and teaches how to understand and apply the energy of your nighttime consciousness to enhance your daily life.

 Are you a prolific dreamer, dream sometimes, don’t remember them or don’t dream at all? And what does it all mean anyway?

Arlene helps you realize and connect to the power of your dream energy.

Will Your Dreams help you prepare for events in your life, to solve problems or see your life played out in another way? Bring your dreams and let’s PLAY with the Dream Master Arlene Phelan!

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