Hawaii Retreat & Teaching

Achieving the Balance of Life and Spirit

Through the Ho’oponopono Kanaloa Tradition

Our first project was to present an opportunity for you to experience and be immersed into the Energy and Magic of Hawaiian Spirituality in a beautiful Hawaii residential retreat program.   


Sample of our opportunity to learn the ancient and modern wisdom in the residential retreat and training program on the Big Island of Hawaii at the Kalani Oceanside Resort with Kupua Arlene Phelan held for a six day and five night Intensive Training. October 22-27, 2009 is described in this article.

Introductory Programs and Advanced Teaching will be held in Sedona as well as in Hawaii.

Contact Arlene 928 202-6133 or Ron McLain, Secret Mountain Tours 928 300-0963 for details.

Achieving the Balance of Life & Spirit Through the Ho’oponopono Kanaloa Tradition

Hoʼoponopono Kanaloa Tradition is an innovative and transformative healing system that begins with discovering deeper aspects of ourself. Though Hoʼoponopono is well known in Hawaii as a formalized method of conflict resolution, it is more than just releasing unwanted energies. It is not always hurts and disappointments that need to be healed within our self and our relationship with others.

  • Hoʼoponopono teaches how the differences and uncertainties within the self provide a rich opportunity to recognize life and the potential that is within ourselves.

The process empowers you with 5 innovative healing and transformative modalities that are of the system known as Hoʼoponopono Kanaloa Tradition, which covers:

  • Hoʼoponopono
  • Kanaloa Grid
  • Hula Mana
  • Temple Kahi Loa
  • Nahenahe

About the Facilitators

Rev. Arlene Phelan brings depth as an internationally recognized Shamanic Healer known as a Kupua, a transformational Shamanic Teacher of ancient Hawaiian Healing arts for more than 20 years. A widely respected spiritual teacher, counselor and elder, she lovingly channels the energetic essence of Lemuria and of I’o, Uli Uli and Eli Eli into sacred movement energetic healing touch, through the spoken word and through the energetics of Hula. Phone: 928-202-6133

Lynn Kaleihaunani Melena, MLS, is a native teacher, writer, artist and community leader committed to perpetuating the more esoteric aspects of Hawaiian Culture (Na Mea Hawaii) through education and communication. She integrates and shares the sacred wisdom traditions of her ancestral lineage in a manner that is practical and useful for daily life-with lots of aloha. Phone: 303-986-6717

Hawaiian teaching and workshop Inquiries: hunahealig@yahoo.com
Web: https://arlenephelan.wordpress.com/hawaii-retreat/

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This workshop teaches:

Ho’oponopono Kanaloa Tradition:

Catalyst for Self-integration

  • Ho’oponopono: Multidimensional communications tools
  • Grid of Kanaloa: Integrates Life and Spirit
  • Hula Mana: Transmits consciousness and generates mana (power
  • Temple Kahi Loa: Shamanic Practice of Oneness
  • Nahenahe: Radiates Loving Touch in Sacred Lomi Lomi Practice

Integrating 5 Powerful Transformational Practices of Ancient Hawaii

Ho’oponopono Kanaloa Tradition – Provides innovative and exciting ways to deepen and use the ancient practice through:

Ho’oponopono – A multi-step personal transformation system creating personal harmony and self realization. It cultivates tranquility and loving balance within the self and others.

Grid of Kanaloa – A multidimensional consciousness grid that integrates Life and Spirit.

Hula Mana – (Life Force in Motion) Through the movement of the body, deeply transmits divine consciousness and generates mana (spiritual power). Promotes healing and change through shifting of energies in the ancient Mu (Lemurian) tradition.

Advanced Temple Kahi Loa – Through Oneness channels mana through the Elements of Self, Aumakua, I’o and the 7 elements of nature to bring about dynamic and dramatic results.

Nahenahe (pronounced na-hey na-hey) – The Gentle Breeze of Aloha Touch. As in the practice of Lomi Lomi, creates change and opens new energetic pathways. Nahenahe is Ho’oponopono consciousness into the physical and subtle bodies.

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Enriching Tools

Our workshop provides you with tools to enrich and integrate your own life by promoting:

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Self Healing

• Heal wounds of past interactions real and imagined
• Remove stress, worry, and its physical and emotional results
• Make changes at a cellular level for health and well being

• Nurturing the self
• Receiving and accepting nurturance from others
• Being nurtured by the elements of Hawaii

Energy Flow
• Shift energy to bring change in the body and mind
• Let go of toxic energies within your self
• Discover the essence of energy of self
• Learn to use the energy of the elements
• Lighten up and free up energy
• Focus energy and your intent to realize goals
• Learn when to be connected with all and how to use this connection

• Discover the true power of the present moment
• Find your own secrets to enlightenment
• Connect from your own power within
• Learn about the Grid of Kanaloa-spiraling consciousness patterns

Payment /Commitment: Contact Arlene Phelan for current costs

You may make partial payment or pay the amount in full.  Just click on the payment link here and enter the specific amount you wish to pay …

Hawaii Retreat Payment


1. Register with PayPal

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More Information:


Please feel free to contact Arlene at hunahealing@yahoo.com or call 928 292-6133.

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