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There is a fundamental purpose for our lives. To know it, we must know life’s origin and where it is going, look beyond our short-term goals to what we ultimately want to accomplish, and consider life’s highest potential for development.Paramahansa Yogananda


As a Counselor, Healer, Guide, Minister, and Teacher I am dedicated to serving you to bring transformation and change in your life.  

In sessions, we connect in Higher consciousness with the Divine.  We join hands in the energy of the Holy spirit.

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WISDOM SESSION. This is more than a Psychic Reading. Actual transformations occur through the connection of the Holy Spirit and the direction of the Soul of the client. Arlene is a Psychic Reader & Medium, Personal & Business Coach, Reiki Master, and connects you with your Spirit Guides.

She also offers a vast diversity of spiritual expressions to meet the needs of and belief systems of her clients.  A few modalities for a Psychic Session are:

PSYCHIC READING One on One Private or Group Sessions In person creates a deep Psychic connection with God, Spirit Guides, and loved ones. People are attracted to Arlene because she has the ability to connect to them to Divine Source to bring about illumination and empowerment.


A One Hour In-depth Phone sessions are a special spiritual up-liftment and assistance for clarity, healing or a psychic glimpse about yourself and situations.  $140.00


  • 1/2 Half Hour  Psychic Support – $75.00
  • Mini Magic Boast  – 15 Minute –  $40.00

VORTEX TOUR GUIDE: Grandmother Vortex Wisdom Tour  Travel into Sedona’s most magical and mystical places with grandmother Arlene. Your tour is customized to accelerate your personal transformation. Experience the energy that the native people have been using as healing tools and power centers for thousands of years. Recharge your spirit, uplift your emotions, and nurture your soul. Learn to be in touch with God and yourself to heal yourself and situations in your life. Experience, sense and learn to really use the all energies… as you experience the vortex energies and blend all energies to work toward your highest good. Singles and groups welcomed (2-3 hours) call 928 202-6133 or email for appointment. More Details

SACRED JOURNEY SOUTHWEST AND HAWAIIA unique experience into the spirituality learning more about yourself and the energies of the ancient ones.  Journey into the sacred southwest and Hawaii.

MINISTERIAL AND COUSELING – Connects to Divine Source to provide Comfort, Guidance and Healing.

PERSONAL AND BUSINESS COACH – Emphasizes personal empowerment, connecting to Soul purpose and practical applications to establish an empowering foundation from which to be able to function with greater satisfaction in daily personal and professional situations.

HEALING of the heart, mind and body heads the list to change the trauma and drama of life to create and improve the experience for yourself and others.

CLARITY for wise decision making also heads the list for issues of Health and Well-being, Career Directions, How to keep a job, make it better or Create a new one, Love, Relationships, family, birth, death and dying, business are all areas. 

CHANGE and transcendence also tops the list for issues of Health and Well-being, Career Directions, How to Keep a Job (or get rid of it), Make it Better or Create a New Position, Love.  

RELATIONSHIP At the top of this list is is starting a new one, rekindling or how to gracefully end what is not working leads to Change. Improving the quality of your relationships whether it be new or long term begins with improving the relationships with your Self.  This can lead to much bless and success with other Relationships… Lover, Spouse, Children, Family, Co-workers Community, Workplace… and you go on from there… with the whole world.

PROSPERITY AND ABUNDANCE are issues exciting and interesting to work with because underlying is the power of your life path. The Law of Attraction is activated here as in all relationships, by the intentions and goals you set for your life.

PERSONAL GROWTH is a most satisfying area to explore where you are right now and set goals for where you want to be.  Spiritual Initiations, Healing from past and present conditions, Self enhancement experiences are inclusive steps to attain new goals or higher levels of functioning at home, work or in the community.

LIFE PURPOSE knowledge provides groundwork for strategic planning in any area of your life and adds power in achieving your goals. As in all areas of growth a few of questions come to the surface: Who am I? Why am I here?  Why did I come to live on earth? What is my mission and what is my power to accomplish? The answer to these question answers the important focus:  What is my Vision(s)?

LOVE AND POWER In seeking love, power, and abundance good (prosperity), all the necessary tools are within the Self that creates what is desired. Psychic information “turns the light bulb on”; shamanic sessions shifts the energy and integrates it into manifestation. 

STRATEGIC PLANNING Oh, yes… We develop our own strategies for love, wealth and happiness known and unknown to our conscious mind. An important part of our session is to reveal not only the area of your focus but to reveal how you are already following a plan.  You then can decide if you want to change it. “How is it working for you?” If it’s not, it can be changed. What is revealed can be healed, modified, changed and a new plan of action be opened. 

DREAM INTERPRETATION – Information correlates to Past, Present and Future situations. Recognizes and uses day and night dreaming as a viable vehicle for weaving desires into reality.

HYPNOTHERAPY – Past, Present and Future understanding and alignment with Self creates change by accessing your Self through the connecting to your own inner power.  This includes present and past Life regressions, which relates to present day activity.


Moving from Density into Higher Consciousness

Discovering Life Purpose

Past Life Reading

Past Life Regressions

Personal & Business Coach


Huna Healing

Reiki Master Sessions

Dream Interpretation

Becoming a Dream Maste


Introduction to Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides


Counseling Session

Psychic Reading

Divine Healing

Card – Information from Ordinary Cards

Palm – The Hands reveal Secrets to Success

Shaman Stone – An awesome extension of Divination

Energy Sketch – Spirit speaks to you threw a drawing of your energy

Classes –

Healing –

Esoteric Wisdom of Huna

Huna Healing

The Secrets of Prosperity – A Prosperity Boost

Lomi Lomi

Personal Growth and Life Changes

Answer the Spiritual Call

Ministerial Preparation and Continuing Support

Southwest Sacred Journey Tour – A unique journey into the sacred southwest.



Past, Present and Future understanding and alignment with Self.

Balancing Techniques – Chakra, Emotional, Physical, Mental and Etheric Bodies

Tools that prompt Psychic activation for Reader and Client – Card, Palm, and Stone Shaman Readings


Hands on Huna Healing, Reiki Master, Kahi Loa Practitioner, Hula Healing, Temple Lomi Lomi, Healing Touch, Chakra Balancing, and DNA activation


 Arlene has been an ordained minister for over 20 years, having created materials for ministerial preparation, development and support. She accepts new students and continues to sponsor, mentor and teach how to step more powerfully in Divine Presence to hear and answer the Spiritual Call, be empowered, activate it into your life and take steps to create a viable service to express all that you are called to be.

THOUGHT CREATES: It is your thoughts, beliefs and combination of memories within your systems of beliefs that determine your present condition of mind and how it is presented in your outer world. Love begets, Love.  The more love you cultivate within your own mind, the more it is cultivated in your outer world. The following are a few areas to investigate:

Opportunities for Personal Growth and Spiritual Awakening follow some of life’s challenges, which produce unpleasant symptoms… I call them the Bad “FUDS” of Life.

Assisting you to pen to and use the opportunities presented with challenge is one of  the most important Service I offer…

You know, Changing from the Bad FUDS… Evolving ..










Nana Veary said “Change We Must.”  I share this belief. I continue to break away from old ideas and practices that stunt growth as spiritually advancing humans. I share love from Divine Source to activate the value and legacy of the ancient Hawaiian connecting of La’akea (God Light) and to generate blessing in a new vision and mission of Divine Oneness.”Kupua – Transformational Sessions

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