UCM Ministry Program

Discover & Expand Your Spiritual Possibilities  

Ministerial Credential Program

Reverend Arlene Phelan, Ph.D. Program Director


To develop spiritual readiness for the students and ministers by providing a method and means for expanding their God Consciousness.


To provide ongoing development and support for students and sponsors for empowering their ministerial potential.

The Light of Love Ministerial Development and the Credentialing process reflects the Mission and Vision of an ever evolution of Higher Consciousness.

The thread which influences all aspects of interpersonal relationships within the organization and ministerial preparation, development and support revolves around the expression of love and support that infuses our fellowships and the ability to express the healing qualities with each other and determines the quality in the services we provide individually and collectively to the world at large.


Answering the spiritual call of awareness, we are motivated to join together to consciously choose to be an uplifting facilitator of expanded God Consciousness. Accepting the Spiritual Call expands our conscious awareness (our mind) to the vision of many paths leading and supporting expanded consciousness.

The platform of our Ministerial Program is to provide a system for the student-candidate preparation for ministerial ordination that unfolds and strengthens the seeker to join fully together in realization that we are one. In addition the program supports those who are engaged in ministerial service to continue the higher consciousness enrichment process.


The Four Required Keys in Ministerial Service are:

  • To Administer and Perform Divine Healing
  • To Give Counsel, Inspirational and Spiritual Messages
  • Instruct and Teach Universal Truth
  • Instruct and Teach Universal Love


For those interested in deepening their spiritual expression, our ministerial programs prepare and support each individual by providing paths of discovery for those who want to be:

  • Certified or Non-certified
  • Ordained or Non-ordained
  • Degree or Non-degree education

We believe that each path is equal to bringing expanded Divine Consciousness.  In this way, our program provides the freedom to explore, develop and express ministerial service in an individually unique way.

We encourage development of Consciousness Skills and indeed encourage all areas of personal growth to empower individuals with their ministerial expression.


Preparation for ministerial service is a process that we recognize as steps in expanding God Consciousness:


1.  Seeker – Unfolds in Expanded God Consciousness

  • The Experience of Seeker first stays in Spirit
  • Receives a Spiritual Call/Inspiration/ Inner Guidance
  • By connecting to God Consciousness, inward awareness of Spiritual Expression (stays in spirit)
  • Seeker makes formal declaration of spiritual intention

2.  Seeker – Becomes Student of Spiritual Studies

  • Moves towards action in Expressing God Consciousness
  • Develops and studies spiritual practices
  • Explores formal recognition by others in awareness of God Consciousness
  • Moves to doing spiritual practices and service

3.  Student – Becomes Student/Candidate for Ministry

  • Enrolls in ministry credentials program
  • Partners with a Light of Love Minister who provides a method and means for Expanding God Consciousness
  • Path of Expanded God Consciousness through steps in Readiness Development for Ministry

4. Spiritual Readiness Development for Ministry 

Establishing a Sponsorship Relationship in a  Four-fold 2-year preparation and Support Credentialing Plan covers these areas to provide Spiritual Readiness for a higher consciousness Ministerial Service:

  • Universal Religious Outlook
  • Gifts of Consciousness Awareness
  • Steps in Ministerial Service
  • Professional and Administrative Qualities
  • Completes required Studies
  • Completes required Projects
  • Passes required exams
  • Sponsor evaluates ordination readiness

5.  Candidate Receives Certifications/Credentials

  • Certificate of Healing Practitioner
  • Licentiate Minister Certification
  • Ordained Minister


The Sponsoring Minister Program provides for the student / candidate:

  • Sponsor and Mentoring Services
  • Cultivates  and Supports
  • Teaches and Guides
  • Assists in the preparation of developing Spiritual Readiness

Empowers Sponsor and Student 

The Sponsoring Minister evaluates the progress of the student and determines spiritual readiness for ordination. The Preparation Program creates tools to strengthen the guidance and partnership relationship bond to include:

A Pre-Assessment Tool to assist Student & Sponsor to:

  • Evaluate student Readiness
  • Develop Personal Preparation Plan
  • Determine Program Content
  • Choose Academic program
  • Complete Requirements for Certification Qualification
  • Guide Program

Post Assessment for spiritual readiness for

  • Licentiate Minister
  • Healer Practitioner
  • Ordained Minister

Sponsoring Minister Process

The Sponsoring Minister program provide a process by which our student-candidates are assisted by an ordained minister who mentors with them as a Sponsor. The Sponsoring minister guides and oversees the preparation and training of the student/Candidate in order to meet the standard requirements for each certification (See Standard Requirements for Ministerial Credentials).

Beyond the basic Standard Requirements for Ministerial Credentials, preparation for the ministry is largely a personal path to be traveled by the student-candidate under the direction and guidance of the Sponsoring Minister. In order to prepare for the type of ministerial service the student selects, the Sponsor and Student together determines the :

  • Type of preparation
  • Training
  • Educational program
  • Other specialty studies
  • Spiritual readiness

Individual Empowerment

In support of this individual empowerment, the ministry provides multiple paths in which each person can explore and discover their own Divine Consciousness within and nurture the ability to have this divine consciousness be expressed outwardly in personal leadership through service.

Educational Courses and Materials

The teachings of the Universal Church of the Master are eclectic and universalize, including materials drawn from wide-ranging aspects of human knowledge, such as history, mundane and arcane sciences, spiritual and natural philosophy, occultism, healing, astrology, parapsychology, theology and what may be termed generically, Divine Wisdom.

It investigates, studies and experiments with an open mind in the several phases of Psychic Phenomena and communication, spirit return and the Higher Spiritualism.

Philosophy and Teaching

Text books by Dr. Byron .J. Fitzgerald are living-breathing documents of expanded consciousness and are the written words to convey the essence of the founders expressing the mysteries of Truth.

Required Basic Studies:

  • A New Text of Spiritual Philosophy and Religion by Dr. Byron Fitzgerald
  • Minister’s Guide and Service Book – the UCM Working Manual by Dr. Byron Fitzgerald
  • The Aquarian Bible of Jesus the Christ by Levi Dowling
  • The Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary by Reverend June G. Bletzer, Ph.D.

Elective Courses: Other sacred text. Ministerial specialty selected and planned by Sponsoring Minister dictates the diversity of courses to be completed by the student-candidate.


Four-Fold areas of preparation. The unique approach to ministerial preparation and support:

  1. Universal Religious Outlook
  2. Gifts of Consciousness Awareness
  3. Ministerial Service
  4. Administrative Qualities


A. Inward Expressions of Divine Consciousness

An Inward Focused Spiritual Development. We recognize the inward ministry is an important core power of an effective ministry. Communication and connection with Divine Source, the Ascended Masters, Angels and Spirit guides are also an integral part of developing core spiritual prayer strengths, and is an integral part of the inward Ministry.

The power of the Inward Ministries is expressed in connecting and being filled with Divine Presence and expressing this fully in a spirit led life.

The Core strengths:

  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Spirit Birth & Transition Preparatory
  • Un-ordained Ministerial Service
  • Ordained Ministerial Service
  • Membership in Ministerial Program

Exploration includes these opportunities:

a)   Awaken Divine Consciousness Within: The first call of a minister is to awaken to Divine Consciousness Within.

b)   Connect: When you have made a formal declaration of your spiritual intention to connect and are continuing to go to the next level, preparation then becomes an unfolding process to strengthen your connection to Divine Source and commit to a program of continuing evolution into higher consciousness.

c)   Identify Call: This includes communion with God, awakening to your own consciousness, as well as communication with Spirit Guides, Teachers, Healers, and Helpers in the Esoteric Realm.

d)   Identify Gifts: As your consciousness expands, you will naturally express gifts of Consciousness. Your consciousness awakening encompasses all the abilities that empower you to express spiritual enlightenment. Discover how you have demonstrated this in the past and present and identify how you would like to expand in the future.

e)   Establish Spiritual Discipline: Prayer, contemplation, meditation and other spiritually enhancing mystical tools that may include affirmation, visualization and other spiritually expanding practices.

B. Outward Expressions of Divine Consciousness

This foundation outlines, and provides the spiritual power to demonstrate skills of consciousness in ministerial service.

a)  Ability to express expanded God-Consciousness. Evidence of this is identified as a measure of maturity, skills and abilities in areas:

  1. Personal daily life
  2. Ministerial expression.

b   Personal Growth Readiness:

  • Spiritual – Personal God Connection and Expression
  • Social – Interactive Social Skills, Morals and Ethics
  • Physical – Health and Well Being
  • Mental – Intellect, Professional Skills
  • Emotional – Clearing, Growth, Maturity, Balance
  • Knowledge/Academics – Courses Degrees, Self-Taught

c)   Personal Ministerial Service: Discovering and developing your own religious expression opens the path to your own spiritual service.

  • Create your Vision and Mission Statement
  • Thoroughly understand the beliefs, teaching, spirituality, philosophy, principles, and tenets.
  • Discover your best Ministry Fit.
  • Set Goals
  • Establish Spiritual Services

C. Comparative Religions:

a) Personal Religious Expression: Define your own religious beliefs and how you will express them in your ministry.  Discovering and developing your own religious expression opens the path to your own service.

  • Understanding your own beliefs, religious views, vision and mission.
  • Best Ministry Fit.

b) UCM Perspective – Knowledge about Church Denomination Expression

  • Philosophy, Beliefs, Objectives, and Uniqueness; Thoroughly understand the vision and mission of the church.
  • Understand how your ministry serves within the mission of the church.

c) Other Religious Expressions: Knowledge of the variety of religious expression helps to understand how divine consciousness is woven into all religious expression and supports our universal inclusiveness in all religious expressions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Island, Native American, Divine Feminine, Huna, Wicca and other traditions.  Explore areas of:

  • Spiritual Vision and Mission
  • Philosophy
  • Principals
  • Beliefs
  • Other areas of inspiration and interest

d) Interfaith Concepts: Knowledge of the variety of religious expression helps to understand how Divine Consciousness is woven into all religious expression and supports our universal inclusiveness.

  • Develop interfaith communication
  • Understand how to bridge diversities of ministries


Develop and Use Gifts of Consciousness Awareness. Your consciousness awakening encompasses all the abilities that empower you to express spiritual enlightenment. Evidence of this is expressed through many practices, some of which are:

  • Healing
  • Spiritual Counsel
  • Inspiration Messages
  • Prophecy
  • Psychic development
  • Expanding the Hight Self
  • Universal Love
  • Universal Truth


Keys of Ministerial Service: The major requirements of Ministry Service are the keys to Certification and Ordination studied in the Four-Fold areas of preparation. This is the core power and the essence on which the Church and ministry is founded.  It gives power for members to move the energy of expanded God-consciousness into daily life practices, into the community interactions and to express through exciting service to humanity. *  Reference to use expanded consciousness skills in all you do: A New Text: page 62

  1. Administer and Perform Divine Healing
  2. Give Spiritual counsel and Spiritual Messages
  3. Teach Universal Truth
  4. Teach Universal Love

Divine Healing: Ministry service provides you the keys that empower you to administer and perform Divine Healing Credential holders are given authority to encourage, teach and practice Divine and Spiritual Healing in all its modes and phases. This may be demonstrated in private and public healing as well as create learning opportunities as a Healer Practitioner or ordained Minister. The Key to ministry certification Minister’s Guide: 84 & 85 and A New Text: 134–135 (varieties 135-150) 83-90.

Counsel, Inspirational and Spiritual Messages: The second core power through expanded God Consciousness is to give Counsel, and Inspiration to comfort members, individuals and fellow beings for their spiritual and temporal good within their activities. Conferring of Credentials authorizes the minister to give inspiration and spiritual communications to comfort members, individuals and fellow beings for their spiritual and temporal good within their activities. Refer to Minister’s Guide: 97 – 104 and specific references Pages 98, 99 and A New Text: 89 – 98 and Page 91″…find personal method”.

The Ordained Minister is authorized to give inspiration and spiritual communications to comfort members, individuals and fellow beings for their spiritual and temporal good within their activities. Refer to communication with Spirit Teachers, Angelic realm and Higher dimensions. Minister’s Guide: 120, 74-184.

Ordination by the church authorizes the minister to warn and exhort. Refer to the printed certificate of ordination credential.

Universal Truth: Your ministry provides you a platform on which to instruct and teach Universal truth.

Truth. Credential holders are authorized to teach Expanded God Consciousness, to supervise and to teach religion, philosophy and the science of spiritualism in a supportive environment. You have the capability to firmly organize your ministry with a mission to instruct and teach universal truth and develop programs to teach “God and I Are One.”

Primary Truth Reference:

a) There is nothing else but God; God is Infinite Intelligence, Life & Love.

The Spirit of the universe creates all things and brings them to manifestation. A New Text: 62

b) In his objective outer consciousness man lives under the illusion that he is entirely separate and independent being but his in his inner awareness he can realize his identity with life principle everywhere. (Which is # 1) A New Text: 64

c) The process of returning to # 1 is expanded consciousness. A New Text: 16, 52-53, 175, Minister’s Guide: 75

Universal Love: Your ministry provides a platform on which to instruct and teach Universal Love.

Love. “Whatsoever ye would that others should do unto you, do ye also unto them” is the essence of morality. Nothing will speed our progress more than the universal application in practical daily living of the Golden Rule. A New Text Page 68. Minister’s Guide: 75, the essence of Gospel of Christ is Love.

 “The greatest is to Love God and neighbors as our self.”


An Outward Focused MinistryThose who want to outwardly express their spiritual connection: we provide the opportunity for people to join with us in service to humanity.  In this Divine partnership globally, we seek to develop programs of support in preparation and service.

The Variety of Ministerial Services:

  • Distant Healing
  • Individual Spiritual Healing
  • Group Spiritual Healing
  • Spiritual Counsel
  • Visitation
  • Consolation
  • Prayer
  • Comforting
  • Transitioning Birth Preparatory
  • Missionary
  • Sponsor – Mentor
  • Teacher – Individual
  • Teacher – Group
  • Public Ministry – Pastorate
  • Public Ministry – Workshop
  • Volunteering – Helps
  • Leadership, Participation
  • Public Platform Participation
  • Non-ordained Ministerial Service
  • Membership in Ministerial Program

Organizational and Church Service:

  1. Speaking
  2. Counseling – Message Work
  3. Platform Reading
  4. Musical
  5. Introductory
  6. Offertory
  7. Prayer
  8. Ceremony
  9. Facilitator
  10. Strategies
  11. Administration
  12. Logistics

A Variety of Ministerial Service.

Demonstrating the skills of Service can be expressed in a multiple ways. The ministerial preparation process provides an opportunity to determine the best fit in ministerial service. Credentials bestows the authority to do the following:

Certificate of Healing Practitioner is a Minister of Healing.  The designation authorizes the ministering individuals to do the work of Divine Healing, and extends Church approbation in the improvement of the ministers gifts, to perform, administer and practice Spiritual and/or Divine Healing by Prayer in all its modes and phases, give Inspirational and Spiritual Counsel and Communications, and to perform all duties that devolve the person as a practitioner and healer of the Church in accordance with law, and as authorized by our Articles of Incorporation.

Licentiate Minister Certifications has completed the 1st level of ministerial service certification.  The designation authorizes a ministerial service, which comprise: Prayer delivery, Administer and Perform Divine Healing, Give Counsel, Give Inspiration & Spiritual Messages, Instruct and Teach Universal Truth, Instruct and Teach Universal Love as well as other forms of Public Services including Lecturing, Church Platform Decorum, and functioning on behalf of the Ordained Minister when necessary except for performing marriages

Ordained Minister credentials incorporate all Skills of Service for Licentiate and Healer Practitioner and may include sacerdotal duties, which includes conducting and facilitating Weddings for legal marriage and Rituals and Ceremonies as well as for Birth, Death, and other dedications, and rites of passage.

Charter Holder activities require expanding Ordained Minister skills, which consist of Professional and Church Administration, Pastoral duties, Counseling and Mentoring, Prayer Delivery, Teaching and other private and  public Leadership Services skills.

Sponsoring Minister  activities require additional expertise of the Ordained Minister in Teaching and Mentoring as well as expanding skills of counseling, and other private and public Services directing and teaching a preparation program for candidates.

4.  Professional and Administrative Qualities

Administrative qualities, Professional and responsibility for conducting personal and church affiliation in accordance with the laws of the land pertaining to Clergy, and in relationships in conducting in conducting a ministerial service, study group, circle, and charter holders include:

  • Professional Skills
  • Administrative Qualities
  • Organizing your personal Ministry
  • Professional Development
  • Personal and Professional Ethics
  • Organizing a Pastoral Ministry
  • Organize and Church Ministry
  • Record Keeping, and
  • Laws pertaining to Clergy and Churches (Federal, State and Local).
  • These include but are not limited to Ethics, Record Keeping and others, which arise.  Reference Minister’s Guide: Professional Preparation Pages 128 –142

For additional information the above ministry programs and what it might mean for you, please contact:

Reverend Arlene Phelan, Ph.D. 928 202-6133 or email hunahealing@yahoo.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1.  I invite you to explore personal growth as well as consider entering into  Ministerial Preparation and Development with the Light of Love Ministries. Our mission is to assist you to become a Certified Healer Rev. Arlene

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