Universal Church of the Master

The Universal Church of the Master (UCM) by its name emphasizes consciousness awakening of the Master within.

Reverend Arlene Phelan, Ph.D. Program Director


To offer all beings opportunity to recognize their sacred nature and explore their abilities and spiritual truths in order to bring forth Divine Expression in their daily lives.


The Mission of Universal Church of the Master is to Instruct and Teach Universal Truth.In this Divine purpose there are two underlying instructions and a third is the result of successfully completing the process to get to Expanded Consciousness:

#1 There is Nothing Else but Mother Father God. God is Infinite Intelligence, Life and Love. Spirit of the Universe Creates All Things and Brings Them to Manifestation

#2 There is an Illusion of Separation

#3 The Process of Returning to #1 is Expanded God Consciousness

God and I Are One

Expanded God Consciousness: 

The Universal Church of the Master (UCM) by its name emphasizes consciousness awakening of the Master within. UCM recognizes and emphasizes the personal mastery of Buddha, Jesus, Kuan Yin, and all who pointed the way to spiritual enlightenment of the Divine Self within.

About Universal Church of the Master

UCM was founded as a church in which members are encouraged to develop and exercise their spiritual powers.  We discourage adherence to rigid dogmas and limiting tenets, believing that each person must find and travel his own path in the Light, and that no single set of fixed rules is applicable to everyone in their spiritual quest.

As we move closer to world unity and a new age of Universal Brotherhood, UCM is now placing greater attention upon training and developing the spiritual powers needed by those who will serve as leaders and guides to bring us into this new “Golden Age.”

It is the position of UCM that this same mastery of Jesus and these same remarkable spiritual gifts, with self-discipline and suitable training, can be and have been demonstrated by far lesser persons than Jesus the Christ, the Great Master. For Jesus Himself said,

“He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; And greater works than these shall he do.” – John 14:12

The four Gospels document many examples of the mystical and paranormal, and telepathy. Scriptures mention numerous instances of psychic and supernormal healing, psychic communication between worlds, physical materializations and other occasions where Jesus employed His paranormal powers.

In the primitive Christian Church, teachers and preachers were filled with the power of Spirit, doing many of the things that Jesus had done:

  • Healing the sick
  • Prophesying
  • Seeing Visions
  • Communicating with Spiritual realms.
  • Exhibit other gifts of Expanded God-Consciousness

It was not until humanity began to break away from the bonds of rigid ecclesiastical thinking that advanced thinkers could openly begin to rediscover, learn, develop and practice the paranormal powers that come with a deeper awareness and understanding of Spiritual Truth.


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