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 It is my vision to share with you our personal connection with God that is urging all of us to step into the next level of spiritual growth. 

The importance of the ministry is to connect in Higher Consciousness with the Divine and more importantly, to live in connectedness in the practical, everyday life. This empowers us to be connected on a deep soul awareness. 

We join hands in the energy of the Holy Spirit to support each other to be all that we can be as we help each other to create and maintain the grid of higher consciousness.  This means that you and I are being called into greater service no matter what our religious or non-religious background from whence we evolved.

My focus today is upon an Active Ministerial Service, which will bring inspiration for you to connect with Divine Source to empower your life in all aspects.

  • This is a very important time to focus upon personal growth and spiritual development of your skills and abilities.
  • It is a time to allow you to open to your possibilities of Love in your personal lives as well as to use your ability to be expanded in God-consciousness.
  • The results of your choices and subsequent actions will intensify the pressure to function in the energy of higher consciousness..

We have many wonderful opportunities for personal transformations leading into the energies of partnering with others for spiritual evolution.

We all hold remembrances of higher consciousness initiations. Presently, this opens to deepening our spiritual connection with our life’s purpose.  If you do not feel that you are in touch with the purpose for being here on this planet, the feelings will intensify and bring you to different kinds of circumstance for it to be revealed to you.

Others who know why they are here have an opening to step through a refinement into a level of extraordinary depth. Ask yourself the question,

  • “What is one thing important for me to investigate for my own mission here?”

   What is the Call?

Our call is to be filled with the Light of Love.  Connecting, Attuning, and Living in the Light of Love gives us the power to be all that we are and can be. It brings joy, healing and the ability to be Love and Light as well as manifest our life’s purpose.

This period opens to the energy of mental and emotional advancement opportunities for expanding consciousness.  The situations that bring the most challenges will be those in which you do not accept a higher consciousness avenue to think, be and do within yourself and with the interactions with others.

We all have challenges brought about for us to make evolutionary advancements.  In these moments, the simple question before you act is:

“Will you function in the density or decide to be connected in the loving energy of higher consciousness in this very moment?”

You have the potential to be in your truth in the ethical aspects of problem solving, which escalates you into the energies of expanded God-Consciousness.

Let us join together in raising consciousness together  You know, CRP – Consciousness Raising Partners.

CRP – Consciousness Raising Partners! We join with others to express our purpose of being with each other. 

Our Universal religious outlook is the foundation of our Spiritual Connection and Expression.

Let us explore the possibilities of a deeper holistic service for you.  I invite you to explore personal growth as well as consider entering into classes for  Ministerial Preparation and Development with the Light of Love Ministries. Our mission is to assist you to become a Certified Healer Practitioner, a Licentiate Minister, a fully Ordained Minister, obtain Mediumship Certification and/or qualify as a Ministerial Sponsor/Mentor.

I share my legacy of the ancient Hawaiian connecting of La’akea (God Light) in Ancient practices as a means for you to utilize healing in your home, work place and community.

Our last project presented an opportunity to experience and be immersed into the Energy and Magic of Hawaiian Spirituality October 2009 Hawaii Retreat and we look forward to present training in 2014 and 2015 in Hawaii and teaching in Sedona.

Our goals this year in the Sedona and Cottonwood area:

  1. Continue Spiritual Counseling from our office in Cottonwood. Personal growth sessions
  2. Metaphysical and Spiritual Journeys into the Sedona Vortex and Sacred Sites. We offer guided tours customized for individuals and small groups.
  3. Spiritual Growth Metaphysical Counseling.
  4. Credential preparation for Healer Practitioner & Ministerial Ordination.
  5. Mentor and guide for life, relationships, life path and purpose for being
  6. Practice and  Teach Ancient Hawaiian Healing Arts
  7. Reiki Healing, Instruction and Certification
  8. Light of Love Healing Ministry
  9. Phone Counseling
  10. Hold Hawaiian Kupua Training – A Guide for Study and Transformation
  11. Plan Kupua Training Residence Program in Hawaii 2014-15

Join us in a time for television.  You tell me your vision and I tell you my vision. Let us hear from you. Who are you? What is your Mission? How can we be of service?  Together we will be inspired to truly make a difference in being and living in the Light of Love,

Reverend Arlene of Sedona, 928 202-6133

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